3. How often should I be sharpening my skates?

This depends on how often you are skating as well as the condition of your blades. Hockey players that are often on the ice will insist on sharpening their skates before every game. Others only require sharpening monthly. Most blades should be sharpened if there are signs of rust or nicks in the blade as it will compromise the edge on your blade. Be sure to wipe down your blades before storing them as moisture left
behind will result in rust buildup.

7. How often should my skates be contoured?

Because contouring shapes your blades, it is important to have your skates contoured to your preference upon purchasing them. For maintenance purposes, you should consider re-contouring them once or twice a year as it acts as a blank canvas for a suitable lie and radius on your blade. Should you damage your blades you should also consider re-contouring them.

5. What is the Radius of Contour (RoC)?

[Radius of Contour (RoC)] The Radius of Contour (RoC) describes the lengthwise curvature of the skate blade. It is sometimes referred to as the 'profile' or 'rocker' on the blade. Skates commonly have a single radius of contour (eg. 9 foot, 11 foot), but Blademaster contouring systems can optimize performance by applying multiple radii or more complex shapes to your skates, therefore giving you improved speed and agility.

2. How do I know which Radius of Hollow (RoH) is best suited for me?

The ideal RoH is best determined by the skater’s comfort level on the ice. Because you can transfer essentially any number of profiles onto your blade, you really need to determine for yourself what edge you prefer to skate on. Here are some common recommendations to get you started: 

4. Why should skates be contoured?

Since the contour (also called 'rocker' or 'profile') of the blade determines how much of the blade will be in contact with the ice, it can have a dramatic effect on skater speed, agility, and performance. Though choosing a contour is often a matter of personal preference, Blademaster recommends that all new skates be contoured at least once at time of purchase to ensure that the left and right skates are perfectly

1. What is the Radius of Hollow (RoH)?

[Radius of Hollow (RoH)] Skate sharpening is based on creating a radius of hollow (RoH) in a skate blade, which enables the skater to skate on two sharp, square edges. There isn’t one magic RoH for every skater. Each hollow has its advantages and disadvantages, and each skater makes an evaluation as to which is best for them. The profile of a skate blade hollow is not limited to a radius – there are an infinite number of shapes that can be transmitted onto a skate blade.

6. What does Pitch mean? What does Lie mean?

Pitch and Lie are the same thing, created by moving the apex or balance point on the blade forward or backward. When a skater is standing erect, they should be
directly on the high point of the contour; balanced between falling forward or backward.